Our member’s successful donor story: we celebrate Safe Blood, we celebrate friends

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A touching story of a member who, with the support of friends and the Safe Blood organization, prepared well for the upcoming operation. She shared her story on Facebook and allowed us to share it. Thank you Janaia – you are a role model.


(From left to right: one of the technicians, Rhonda’s husband Peter, Rhonda, me, my sister, another phlebotomist – holding the donated blood units)

“In anticipation of my upcoming hip replacement surgery at Stanford University Medical Center, I refused to sign a blood transfusion contract and requested to receive blood from people who had not received the so-called C-19 vaccine. While I awaited the surgeon’s response, I did two things to obtain unpoisoned blood. First – my biological sister Terri, my spiritual sister Rhonda, and my good friend Bill, all with a universal blood type, offered to donate. Second – a friend forwarded me a link to safeblood.us – an organization based in Switzerland aimed at connecting unvaccinated donors and recipients. I immediately registered and immediately received information about a handful of compatible donors who live near me in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After consulting with management for a risk assessment, the surgeon agreed and ordered the donation of two units of blood at the Stanford Blood Center. We only had two days for all that! Everyone quickly jumped into action and made room in their schedules. The next day we met at the Stanford Blood Center. Rhonda and her husband Peter drove 241 km to get there – that’s friendship!

As our parting thanks to the staff, Rhonda, Peter and I sang in chorus: “so many angels …all around me, so many angels, I see you” and “Healing Water”. We were all in a joyful and fulfilling mood, delighted to celebrate with the staff of the Blood Centre, who work so hard to help and save lives.

As it turned out at the very end, I did not need the donors from the Safe Blood organization, but I am eternally grateful to them for being there. So now I am giving you this message: if you are not vaccinated and want to help others, register at safeblood.net. And if you know someone who needs surgery or a blood donation, encourage them to ask about unvaccinated blood, and help them find donors within the network/organization. Let’s expand Safe Blood’s mission around the world to help others stay healthy and safe.

PS Regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, the blood of an unvaccinated person can be a much safer and easier option for your body than the other way around. The data shows a high level of micro-clots in the blood after vaccination, which is the last thing you want!”

This is a link to her original post, with very interesting comments…


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