Looking For Unvaccinated Sperm?

Roughly 20% of all couples would love to have a child but they do not succeed.

There are many reasons, which we do not want to go into here. But many women who have not been able to conceive so far can be helped with either sperm donation or egg donation. There are plenty of companies specializing in this, and there is no need of an additional player in this area. Is there?

Actually there was no need, until now.

How Do mRNA Vaccines Affect Sperm And Egg Donation?

MRNA vaccines may impact sperm and egg donation as they have been shown to contain inorganic additives that accumulate throughout the vaccinated person's body, including in sperm and egg cells.

Additionally, these vaccines have the potential to change the DNA of the vaccinated individual. For potential donors considering starting a family, it's crucial to consider the quality of donated sperm or eggs in light of these vaccine-related concerns.

What Is SafeReproduction?

SafeReproduction is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering a choice for finding healthy donors free from mRNA vaccines. It serves as an intermediary, connecting recipients with donors, ensuring a worry-free future for offspring health.

We don’t operate as a sperm, egg, or breast milk bank but facilitates connections. We are purely a referral service. It's a risk-free process where recipients select donors and then proceed to established companies for procedures. We bring two people together, the donor and the recipient. They then go (where appropriate) to one of the established companies (sperm banks, specialised fertility clinics, etc.) for the procedure. We help you to find a company in your area, if you wish.