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This week’s special guest: George Della Pietra, the founder of safe blood donation. Safe blood offers a worldwide network of clinics and healthcare facilities that matches blood donors and receivers to provide MRNA free blood.
George has been working in the medical industry for over 20 years, focused on naturopathy and all kinds of natural healing methods. Safe Blood website: Be unapologetically YOU! Embracing your core being and living your truth liberates you and grants you the freedom to break free of learned behavior and rise to your highest self. Becoming what you always were before society placed its limitations on you and living your authentic self breeds the confidence to empower your voice and to live your destiny. On this podcast, our host Joy will take you on an exhilarating journey to deeply examine the human condition, rip through the false narrative and help you become authentically and unapologetically you! Follow us on: Instagram, Facebook , Youtube, and TikTok
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