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SafeBlood is a grassroots effort revolutionizing blood donation by connecting members with local mRNA-free blood donors who will be there for you when you need them most. And as a SafeBlood donor, you agree to do the same – be here for the SafeBlood community if and when we need you – refrigeration not required!

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Blood Transfusions: Safe?

Blood transfusions involve a complex process of cleaning blood preserves to remove foreign bodies. However, with the introduction of new mRNA vaccinations like Covid vaccines, there are concerns.

Undeclared additives in these vaccines may only be partially eliminated by known cleaning methods, and some particles persist in the blood for at least six months or longer.

This has raised reservations among those who choose not to be vaccinated against Sars-Cov-2 and may refuse transfusions from vaccinated individuals, even in emergency situations or for medical reasons.

What Does Safeblood Do?

Safeblood Donation comes into play as an intermediary.

We are working to ensure that our members can obtain unvaccinated blood should they need it. In return, they make themselves available as blood donors.

Anyone can become a member, whether vaccinated or not – but only those who have not been vaccinated can donate.

How Does It Work?

SafeBlood matches blood donors and recipients worldwide, aiming to provide blood without mRNA vaccination residues.

While not operating its own blood bank currently, the platform is actively working to establish one.

Users can search for compatible donors in an anonymous database on the website and find medical partners from a list of hospitals.

SafeBlood is dedicated to building a global network of clinics offering the choice of donor, though some regions already allow this option.

Need a Blood Donor?

Safe Blood is largest provider of unvaccinated blood donors in the world. We have members in all 50 states and over 53 countries and counting.

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Living Wills

This is a sample of a living will. If you want your own, go to the “login” as a member here, where you can modify this sample as you wish. Or you can become a member “here“. Then you not only have your own living will and member/blood group ID card, but also an individual code that medical staff can call up in an emergency – with all your medical data.

Membership & Blood Group Card

Each Safe Blood member has access to their own ID Card that contains a short form of your Advanced Directive (a medical living will). Just like the full Advanced Directive, this communicates to medical providers your desire to only receive blood that is free from mRNA vaccination, along with your Blood Group Information. The ID Card may also be both printed and digitally imported directly into the emergency information on your smartphone.


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