Safe Blood
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$ 10 Per Month
  • Can Donate Blood & Request Blood Matches

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$ 1000 One Time
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Protect Your Blood

Should you have a medical need for blood. How can you make sure you receive blood that is free from mRNA vaccinations? Safe Blood Donations matches blood donors and recipients worldwide so that you can have access to blood without mRNA vaccination residues.

All 50 States
5 Continents
53 Countries
And Counting

About The Memberships

Safe Blood Donor

Are you un-mRNA-vaccinated and willing to help others in need who are seeking unvaccinated blood? We need you! Become a donor member free of charge.

Safe Blood Recipient

Are you seeking access to search for compatible donors to be a recipient when needed? This membership is $19.95 for adults (18 years & up) and is free for immediate family 17 and under.

Medical Partner

Are you a medical service provider such as a clinic, doctor, therapist, insurance company or similar? Sign up to offer your services on our website, free for a limited time only.

Financial Donor

Would you like to support scientific research vital to establishing a nation-wide mRNA-free blood bank and legislation safeguarding medical freedom for the next generation? Please donate to the Safe Blood Foundation at

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