Covid19 Vaccine Residual Analysis

A letter from our Founder, Georg Della Pietra:

Ever since SafeBlood and Safereproduction were launched, we have been looking for an analysis that would allow us to determine whether blood for transfusion or a sperm donation comes from a vaccinated or unvaccinated donor. Until now, the selection of our donors has been based solely on the trust that our members will correctly declare their vaccination status. But now we finally have a blood analysis that allows us to determine the following:

  1. Residues of any Covid19 vaccines
  2. The presence of spike proteins
  3. Whether the functionality of your RNA and DNA is disrupted or damaged

For me, the latter is the biggest breakthrough, because it shows whether there is a need for therapy and whether the mRNA injection has actually resulted in a significant impairment of your genetic material. We know that different batch numbers, e.g. in the Pfizer vaccinations, triggered very different side effects; from “placebo” with zero effect, to immediate death in the most dangerous batches.

SafeBlood is proud to be able to offer this analysis exclusively through our collaboration with Impact Health and their partners.

What do the results of the analysis look like? Here you can see three examples from participants in our study:

Here you can see not only that the “vaccination” has affected the functionality of DNA and RNA, but, above all, that an unvaccinated person has the same values after a transfusion as a vaccinated person. This is significant.

This analysis even gives you the opportunity to find out for the first time whether your DNA has been affected in any way, even if you have not been vaccinated yourself.

We are pleased to be able to offer this analysis for only $175, and SafeBlood members receive a $50 discount. Click the red button below to order your analysis kit or just to learn more about the analysis. Mark Aubry, the founder and CEO from Impact Health explains in some videos how it works.

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You will probably first want to know how this analysis works. As mentioned above, this link will also take you to a scientific description of this analysis. For non-scientists, I’ll try to describe it here in a somewhat simplified way. 

To begin with: Our analysis is not based on Western conventional medicine and the corresponding laboratory methodology, but on the basis of physics, or quantum physics. Some Western conventional physicians, so-called “scientists” or “experts” will tear us apart because they do not want to acknowledge that physics is the ideal science to explain various processes in the human body, because these processes are electrically controlled. If these self-proclaimed experts do not want to acknowledge the findings of physicists such as Einstein, Newton or Tesla as the scientific basis for explaining how our analysis works, I would like to point out to them that without their work, no electricity would flow today – the lights would not go on in any operating theater in the world – but they would in the human body, where this electricity controls vital functions.
Analyses of the human body based on physics are therefore at least as important, accurate and reliable as analyses based on conventional Western medicine.

But now to the explanation: Like other living beings, humans function on different levels. Put simply, there are basically the biochemical, energetic and spiritual levels.

Western conventional medicine (with the exception of psychiatry) is almost exclusively concerned with the biochemical; an organ, a part of the body is diseased and this is then “repaired” on site with the help of pharmaceuticals and/or surgery. Conventional laboratory tests also work on this basis, purely biochemically.

However, human biochemistry is controlled electrically, i.e. the “command level” is energetic; the nervous system, for example, functions purely electrically, with extremely weak impulses, and thus controls the biochemistry.

Natural medicine or alternative medicine (from Ayurveda to TCM) focuses on this level, with acupuncture, homeopathy or even sophisticated technical apparatus medicine such as resonance, frequency therapy or quantum therapy. This is how the Covid19 vaccine residue analysis works. Every living being and every thing emits a frequency spectrum, an “electrical signature“, which can be analyzed with suitable devices and clearly identified as such. For example, a vaccine, a spike protein and a perfectly functioning DNA have such a spectrum. Our analysis compares the electrical signature with the values stored in the system and finds clear matches. All it takes is a drop of blood, which is then analyzed energetically rather than biochemically.

You send a dried drop of blood to our facility in the USA, and a short time later you will receive the access code to your values by email. Why is blood in particular suitable for storing all the body’s information and serving as the basis for analysis? Blood is an ideal electrical conductor and circulates throughout the body, storing all the electrical signatures of all the body’s components.

For the sake of completeness, the spiritual level should also be mentioned, which also transmits an impulse to the biochemistry via the psyche, feelings, the “soul”, via the electrical command level. This is why “sour thoughts” or depression, for example, also make us physically ill.

A very promising approach of our analysis method is the fact that the Quantum Method can also be used for therapy at the same time: In other words, it treats directly at the command level, and not further down, where the symptoms then make themselves felt. That’s why I was an enthusiastic naturopath in my practice; I was never interested in treating symptoms, but in getting to the root cause and treating it specifically. We are extremely pleased to have found a partner in Impact Health who want exactly the same thing as we do at SafeBlood: to help as many people as possible to maintain or regain their health. Unfortunately, our goals contrast with the fact that the human right of free self-determination over one’s own body is currently very much under threat.

Are there other methods for determining these parameters besides the Covid19 vaccine residue analysis? There are indeed various tests to determine the spike proteins; however, these are much less meaningful and, at around €300, also significantly more expensive. In our opinion, the spike protein is highly overrated both in terms of diagnosis and therapy. We are much more interested in the presence of a vaccine residue or the condition of RNA and DNA.